Tuesday 2 January 2018

Kaipara Flats Airfield on New Year's Eve

It has been a very sad start to the year for sport aviation in the North.  Dean Voelkerling was a friend of the blog and had sent photos of his aircraft ZK-DVS2 that we posted.  Our condolences go out to the families involved with this tragedy.

However, the blogosphere goes on, and from Kaipara Flats airfield I now post a trio of aircraft that arrived on New Year's Eve for some local festivities having flown from Ardmore.  When you hear a radial engine flying over in the direction of the airfield, a quick trip out there is always in order and I was able to photograph the planes before they were covered up.

The lead aircraft was Boeing E 75 Stearman ZK-BOE2 (c/n 75-5064)  This aircraft has an interesting history which is partly covered HERE

Tagging along behind the Stearman was Cessna 305 Bird Dog ZK-DAJ2 (c/n 22548).  The background to the Bird Dog and the history of ZK-DAJ2 can be found HERE

And tail-end Charlie was Cessna 177B Cardinal (c/n 17702472) ZK-JDJ.

Finally there was another aircraft that was a long way from home picketed on the field - the Jabiru J 230UL ZK-PSH of Colin Ashby of Christchurch.  I think Colin used to be based at Warkworth.

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  1. Best wishes for 2018,thanks for your post,s in 2017 . Like you was saddened to read about the loss of ZK DVS ,..