Sunday 28 January 2018

Question time # 201

A nice easy Question Time to start the year.
All we need to know is :-
What ?
Where ?
When ?
Why ?
Who ?

I have left the letter 'A' in as a give away clue.

(Come in Mit !)


  1. possibly Lockheed Electra Kaka, Kuaka or Koweka at P.N?

  2. Yes - One of the birds.
    But not at PN.

    This could earn you the tail of the chocky fish.

  3. I'll plump for AFD, Kuaka at?

  4. Is it Kuaka, ZK-AFD at Taieri, being rebuilt after its wee parking accident in fog on the top of flagstaff in fab 1943. the the fella is John! A pure guess..

  5. KUAKA Mangere 1947 .

  6. Morning Anonymous - You 'plump' bird is indeed Kuaka aka ZK-AFD.

    And good morning Mit - It is indeed ZK-AFD at Taieri as at 09-08-1943. I am still checking to see if it was John.

    More pics will follow in separate ZK-AFD post.

  7. Oh bugger too slow on the keyboard. Anonymouse hadn't plump'ed for AFD when I started typing!