Friday 12 January 2018

A Few More From Whangarei

To finish off from my visit to Whangarei on 10-1-18, here are a couple of other aircraft I photo'd:

Autogyro Europe Calidus Fern autogyro ZK-MZM arrived from Parakai after a flight up the East Coast.  It is one of eight Calidus tandem gyrocopters on the register.

 And in this era of personalised registrations I was intrigued to see a couple of amateur built aircraft in the Northland Aviation hanger with consecutive registrations, (although they came from very different routes to share the hangar).

Steve Gwilliam's Jodel D 11 ZK-RSB (c/n AACA/314) reflects its builders initials - Russell Scott from Balclutha, and it was first registered in 1982.  You can find more on its history as part of our Jodel D 11s of New Zealand series HERE

While Don McMillan's Steen Skybolt ZK-RSC (c/n AACA/441) reflects a more convoluted building history - ZK-RSC stands for Russell Truman (who commenced building the aircraft but was killed in a topdressing crash in 1979), and helpers Reg Truman (Russell and Chris's father) and Ruth, then for Sue then for Chris Truman (Russell's brother) who completed the aircraft at Hastings in 2001.  And you can see more of its history on our series of Steen Skybolts of New Zealand series HERE

And finally, here is a better photo of the two aircraft, taken outside the Northland Aviation hangar on 11-1-2018 by Peter Garlick.  Thanks for the photo Peter.

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