Sunday 28 January 2018

Cessna 180J ZK-WBG.

First flying in May of 1952 the Cessna 180 continued in production until the last 180K model rolled out in 1981 by which time nearly 6200 had been produced. 
Used examples still continue to trickle into NZ. 
One of the last of the Cessna 180J’s built flew in 1976 as N7824K and was delivered to Skyways Inc at Troutdale, Oregon. On 05-07-1977 it was transferred to Carson Industries of Laverne, California and then to Arthur Maturi of Chisholm, Minnesota on 28-12-1983. 
Allen Hoyt at Jackson, Wyoming, operated it briefly from 23-05-1995, followed by Canyon Wood Products Inc of Carson City, Nevada from 30-08-1998. 
From 09-08-2005 Cazort Technologies Inc of Corona Delmar, California operated it -
until selling it to its final listed US owner Oxford Partnership of Cambridge NZ on 20-05-2014. Its US registration was cancelled on 29-05-2014.
 It become ZK-WBG on 23-09-2014 still with Oxford Partnership replacing the the Cessna 182P Skylane ZK-MAK which was sold about a month later.
 The WBG registration is created from three letters taken from the new owner’s surname.
It was photographed yesterday (27-01-2018) at the fuel pumps at Rangiora.
It received an earlier posting Here.

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