Wednesday 24 January 2018

Maule ZS-PLT at Parakai.

Very late last year a container arrived at Parakai (West Auckland) from South Africa containing the Maule MXT-7-180A Comet ZS-PLT (c/n 21025C).
A decode of that model tells us that the =
M is for Maule.
X = small fuselage in the model range.
T= nosewheel "Trigear".
7 = the model range.
180 = horsepower of engine.
A= is for fixed pitch propeller.
This airframe gained its US airworthiness certificate on 25-09-1997 as N26ES and was certified to E.G.S. Reports of Wilmington Delaware on 10-12-1997.
Its US registration was cancelled on 01-09-2004 as exported to South Africa.

It entered the South African register as ZS-PLT on 09-03-2005 with Pegma 148 Investment CC before moving on to Andrew Rossaak of Zenzeleni Farming CC.
Above as seen on 11-06-2005.
Below on 24-05-2008. Both by Gary Shephard at Durban-Virginia

Andrew has shifted to New Zealand and will place the Maule on the ZK register as soon as all the formalities are complete.
It is being assembled by Bryn Lockie at Leading Edge Aviation Ltd.

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