Thursday 11 January 2018

Flying a Foxbat at Whangarei 10-1-2018

The reason I drove up to Whangarei yesterday was to get some dual time with Rusty Russell of the Whangarei Flying Club in their recently acquired Aeroprakt A 22LS Foxbat ZK-FBT2 which they bought from John Wiessing on 11/12/17.

Ready to go.

Climbing out at 60 knots.  We headed for Leo Johns' strip at Mata where we carried out lots of short and low circuits with engine failure simulations thrown in.  Quite intense.

The view from the Foxbat is spectacular.  Here we are looking down on the Portland Cement Works and wharf.

And looking down the harbour to the port and the heads, with Tarata Island out to sea.

Rusty in his office - thanks for the workout!

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