Friday 26 January 2018

Cessnas at Paraparaumu 24-1-2018

I'm just back home after a road trip relocating a nice Toyota Highlander SUV from Wellington to Auckland.  My first aeronautical stop was at Paraparaumu Airport:

After the family was scattered from Tauranga Cessna A152 ZK-KID2 has been on-line with the Kapiti Districts Aero Club since 10/11/16.

As Paraparaumu is a domestic airport, there are security fences so you can't poke into hangars that you might like to, but I was granted access to the Aero Club hangar where several club and club members planes were parked.

Cessna 182T ZK-JLR2 is registered to Pelorus Air of Blenhiem and is ex VH-JSQ.  It has only been registered here since 23/8/17.  I was told that it frequently flies to D'Urville Island.

Cessna 182R ZK-NML is registered to the Kapiti Districts Aero Club and has only recently been in their ownership, since 21/12/17.

And Cessna 172M ZK-DRN has been with a Wellington owner since 6/10/14.

Thanks for your help with these photos Daniel.

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