Monday 12 September 2016

Sounds Air Pilatus PC 12 ZK-PLZ

Sounds Air have had their Pilatus PC 12 ZK-PLZ configured in a corporate layout under the direction of Avcraft Engineering of Feilding.  The painting was carried out by Flinders Aviation at Redcliffe near Brisbane and the aircraft returned to New Zealand on 16 August.

The aircraft has been repainted with a spectacular metallic finish befitting its corporate role.  Thanks very much to Mat Bailey of Avcraft for the photo.


  1. You may find Flinders Aviation is located in Redcliffe just north of Brisbane city!!

  2. And flinders only did the paint

  3. The interior components were tarted up in Nelson I think which explains why PLZ shot down there before heading to Fielding where it was put back together. I take it the seats are standard 'airline' style to easily integrate PLZ to scheduled ops as it is currently while PLS is offshore.

    1. PLZ is fitted in the airlines executive cabin, pretty flash actually and different to the standard cabin found on PLX and PLT

  4. Whoops Anonymi - You are correct and I have altered the post.