Wednesday 21 September 2016

Nelson sightings today (21-09-2016)

Lord Nelson has sent us shots of two more visitors as seen at Nelson today (21-09-2016).
 The Marlborough Aero Club's fixed gear Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-DYZ (c/n DY146/2006) was first registered on 31-10-2006 to Drake Aviation of Fernside before joining the Club from 11-04-2011.
As you may have noticed it has the glider tow hook fitted and is used by the Marlborough Gliding Club.
More pics of DYZ can be seen :- HERE.
Also from over the Hill was the SOCATA Rallye 235E ZK-RLY (c/n 12770). 
This is of 1976 vintage and powered by the chunky Lycoming O-540 of 235hp. 
It was UK based until being imported into NZ about mid-1984 for John Oswald of Mt Carmel Station. 
It was moved on to its current owner Paul Radmall of Blenheim from 20-11-2015.

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