Friday 16 September 2016

More on DH 98 TIII Mosquito ZK-FHC at Ardmore Today 16-9-2016

As Agair NZ has posted, The Mosquito ZK-FHC2  was rolled out from Avspecs hangar just after 1 pm today.
 This is how I first saw it, and my jaw dropped!

It had been marked as NZ2337 complete with roundels and fin flash overnight!  The original NZ2337 was destroyed in a hangar fire at Ohakea on 2/6/50 when an inspection lamp fell into a drip tray during some maintenance (Thanks to Frank for the info - see the comments and links in the previous post). 

 Dave Phillips taxied out for some engine runs.

It was taxied around to the NZ Warbirds hard standing where there is a hard tie down point for full power engine runs.  It sure sounded spectacular!

Unfortunately, I understand that there are still some engine issues to be sorted out, so no test flying today.  It was a great hurry up and wait day.

Thank you very much Avspecs for letting the large crowd of us share in this historic occasion.


  1. Hear hear Keith, it was wonderful to have so many assemble for the event!