Thursday 15 September 2016

Avcraft at Feilding 4-8-2016

There was an interesting selection of aircraft in Avcraft's hangar at Feilding when I called in last month:

Five different aircraft types can be seen in this view.

Cessna C 421C Golden Eagle ZK-STV of Goldeneagle Auckland Ltd.  This started life as N6771C and became ZK-JBF in 13/2/85.  It then went to New Caledonia as F-OIAL being cancelled from the New Zealand register on 10/5/86.  It was then registered N421NZ before being registered ZK-STV on 3/12/04 to Total Entertainments Consultants Ltd of Auckland (being Stu Clumpas).

Cessna C T206H amphibian N26NZ is also operated by Stu Clumpas.  The history of this machine can be found in the post:  It is a pretty tall aircraft!

Meanwhile, the much lower Europa XS Monowheel ZK-DMR crouched under the Cessna 206.  This is ex ZK-RPR and its history can be found at:

In the background the interesting Cessna 150D ZK-CHH can be seen, which I will detail in another post.

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