Wednesday 14 September 2016

Earlier Airvan ZK-FSR photos.

Following on from the earlier shots of the Gippsland GA8 Airvan ZK-FSR2 seen HERE
We now have three views of it in earlier schemes.
As VH-AFJ4 captured at Yelahanka Air Force Base Bangalore by Alec Wilson.
And two shots as seen on the Mahindra Aerospace web site.
The following is nicked from a recent edition of the NZ Aviation News Magazine.
Another Gippsland arrival is the GA8 Airvan that has become ZK-FSR2 with Stark Airlines – a recent start up Part 135 certified ‘boutique airline’ of Hamilton. 
It was initially registered as VH-AFJ4 on 14-09-2006 with the manufacturer Gippsland Aeronautics Pty Ltd of Morwell, Victoria Pty Ltd. On 12-05-2008 it was re-registered as VH-WOS3 – still with Gippsland - and handed over to Alligator Airways Pty Ltd of Kununurra, West Australia on 02-06-2008. Alligator Airways re-registered it as VH-IOS2 on 13-05-2010 before returning it to the renamed GippsAero Pty Ltd from 03-12-2010. 
After some TLC it was delivered to Deccan Aviation Lanka at Colombo, Sri Lanka as 4R-DLZ. 
It was containered from Sri Lanka into Oceania/Flightline at Ardmore. Hamilton for reassembly.
Ray Stark also has the Cessna 172R ZK-NPJ and the 172S ZK-CWC2  ZK-CWD2.


  1. Hi BB. Couple of things, three actually.
    It seems the aircraft was containered to Hamilton and it was reconstructed there, not Ardmore. The operator's C172 is ZK-CWD and apparently ZK-NPJ is going on the market.
    Keep up the outstanding work. Not sure about the time of this blogpost though, 3.15am??!!

  2. Thanks Anon.
    Post timing is correct. Up feeding the baby - actually it was too hot to sleep last night.