Sunday, 25 September 2016

Some of last weeks shots

On the tie down beside the Canterbury Aero Club at Christchurch International on 23-09-2016 was the Cessna R172K Hawk XP II ZK-EWA (c/n R1723416).
It was listed with Europac XP Ltd Ltd on 04-05-2016.
Back on 18-09-2016 I found the Jabiru SK80 Microlight ZK-JBI2 (c/n 0081) Lurking in this hangar.
Ownership had just changed from Kevin Henderson of Outram to Tascha Lawry of Rangiora.
Out in the pasture.
Piper PA-289-140/4 Cherokee ZK-CNQ (c/n 28-22287) has been parked outside for quiet some time now. Initially at Swannanoa but more recently at Rangiora - firstly behind a hangar but more recently it has been moved to the South boundary fence.
Its registration was revoked on 11-04-2014.
ZK-COW was also parked alongside for a while but this has now been rescued and is now hangared awaiting some TLC.


  1. Hey Dave.was CNQ recently advertised for Sale.some where . ?

    1. I don't recall seeing it listed -but I don't often trawl the for sales.
      DOQ recently sold.