Saturday 27 June 2015

ZK-CBS update

Below we have a "new" pic of ZK-CBS in its Ag set up from Allan Wooller.

Below I have re-produced the earlier post done on CBS :-


Cessna 185A ZK-CBS

 Cessna 185A Skywagon ZK-CBS , c/n 185A-0398 , was allocated the US registration N4198Y, and it is my guess that it never carried these marks as it was test flown using Cessna's "test registration" of N11B before shipping to Rural Aviation at New Plymouth. I have it as first being registered as ZK-CBS to Mount Cook Air Services Ltd of Timaru on 05-09-1962 and first flying in NZ on 10-07-1962. It followed the Company name changes with a move to Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd on 18-07-1973.
The shots above and below are at Wellington on 28-04-1964.

 It then appeared in Mount Cook Airlines scheme as fleet number "23" as seen above at Mount Cook on 31-12-1977. Ownership title changed to The Mount Cook Group on 07-02-1978.
It then spent a period in what looks like the carrot dropping role. 
Photo below taken at Queenstown on 09-09-1978.
Then two fine pics below from Dave Bates depicting CBS "carroting" out of Luggate on 06-08-1979.

 Another name change on 30-06-1998 had it with Tourism Holdings Ltd of Pleasant Point from 30-06-1998.
It latest change was to Aoraki Mount Coo Ski Planes Ltd of Mount Cook on 16-01-2002.
 Above and below we see her at Mount Cook on 15-08-2006. Now minus its fleet number but still retaining the ranunculus (Mt Cook buttercup) on its tail
 Below as seen at Masterton on Friday with ski racks underwing and also what I assume is part of its Kiwi tracking kit protruding forward on each wing.
It is said to be the highest houred 185 in country.
In more recent times it has been employed in the parachute dropping role on "The Coast" at Waiho in about 2010
Below we see her near the end of her ski flying days at Mt Cook on 24-11-2014.
It was officially transferred to Patchett Ag-Air Ltd at Omaka on 15-02-2015.
And below it was spotted at Omaka on 27-02-2015 in a modified paint scheme
The fuselage stripe has been altered but the Mountain Buttercup (Ranunculus lyallii) still remains on the tail.
Check out this recent report from the MArlborough Express Newspaper.

Photo below shows ZK-CBS at Work as taken from the Marlborough Express link above.


  1. Thanks Blue Bus .Great photo,s Dave Bates is respected by the aviation fraternity for photographs .
    Nice to see you were able to feature some here .
    Look forward to seeing more of CBS at work in Marlborough .

  2. Great shots - thanks. I flew many hours in CBS in the 60s & early 70s with MCAS.

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