Saturday 20 June 2015

Our two latest Guimbal Cabri G2's ZK-IIH and ZK-IIJ

Hairy Mole Rat has been keeping an eye on the two Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters at Tauranga.
These have recently been imported from Germany and have become ZK-IIH and ZK-IIJ respectively

ZK-IIH c/n 1009.
Initially built and registered as F-WWHY in March of 2010 and registered as D-HAVB on 06-04-2010 to Heli Aviation GmbH at Augsburg in Germany.
It is seen above in its German markings of D-HAVB at Tauranga on 05-06-2015.
And seen below today (20-05-2015) as ZK-IIH.

ZK-IIJ2 c/n 1015
This was built and listed as D-HAVC on 06-04-2010 - also to Heli Aviation GmbH.
It is seen above in these German markings.
Note also that the factory applied 
"cabri G2"
"no 1015"
is missing from the top of its tail fin.
This indicates to me that it has had a repaint/repair done and a poke around in Google mentions it was  damaged landing at Augsburg on 01-02-2014.
Below we see it in flight today at Tauranga.
Thanks to Hairy Mole Rat for the photos.

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