Monday 15 June 2015

Zenair CH 750 STOLs of New Zealand

The Zenith/Zenair CH 750 STOL was designed by Chris Heintz and was introduced at EAA Airventure 2008 as an off-airport STOL aircraft that slots in between the CH 701 and the CH 801. (And in 2013 a CH 750 Cruzer model was introduced designed for use from airport runways).

It is 11 inches longer (at 20 feet 10 inches) and 2 inches taller (at 8 feet 1 inch) than the CH 701 and has a 2 foot 9 inch wider wingspan (at 29 feet 9 inches) with a wing area of 144 square feet (compared to the CH 701s 122 square feet).  And it still has the fixed slats.  It also has a wider cabin and bigger cabin doors, and a more robust undercarriage.  Empty weight is 775 pounds (350 Kg) and MAUW is 1,320 pounds (600KG) which means it can be a LSA.  Power is from a 100 and up HP engine such as the Rotax 912iS, O-200, Jabiru 3300 or UL Power.

We have had only two CH 750 STOLs in New Zealand to date, but we will see more.  I know of one that is being imported from the US and which should be here later in the year.

ZK-FLN3 (c/n 75-7669) was built by Jeff Gilbertson of Wanganui and was registered to the Gildon Trust of Wanganui on 16/12/13.  Jeff told me that it first flew in February 2014 and that he has now flown more than 100 hours in the aircraft.  Thanks to Jeff for the photo.

ZK-EAS2 (c/n 75-7075) was built by James H Nelson of Clearwater, Florida and was registered as N75JN on 12/7/12.  It was cancelled from the US register on 14/1/14 and imported into New Zealand by Hamish R Hamilton of Hokitika, being assembled at Rangiora, and it was registered here on 17/3/14.  It was photo'd above at Rangiora on 11/4/14.  Unfortunately it suffered an accident while landing in the Taramakau River bed on 8/6/14 and was badly damaged but may be being rebuilt.


  1. Hello. I'm Naomi's husband Bob and we are traveling the North Island until March 22 and leave on the 23. Any chance of getting any CH701 or 750 rides? I have built and now fly a 701 in the mountains and prairies of Alberta, Canada. Thanks

  2. Hello there Bob.
    Do you have a set itinerary. Let me know and I may be able to put you in contact with an owner.
    I believe we have eleven 701's scattered around the North Island.
    My direct email is