Wednesday 24 June 2015

BK117 ZK-HNP and LongRanger ZK-HYR

A couple of recent additions to the NZ register were noted flying at Ardmore 24 June.

Registered to Airwork in March this year is the BK117 ZK-HNP2
It was first designated a BK117-A4 but modified to a B2 however the script on the vertical tail fin denotes it as a BK117-850D2.

Thanks to Bluebus for the following insight:
 MBB-BK117 A-4 ZK-HNP2. Built as an A-1 model and registered to Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) as D-HBKS in May of 1984 –it was retained as a demonstrator and as such appeared at the Farnborough Air Show in September of 1984. In 1990 it moved to the States and became N317RM with Advantage Aviation Inc of Greenville South Dakota on 23rd August, and then on to Rocky Mountain Holdings LLC at Provo Utah on 06-04-1995. A change of registration to N951AM took place on 09-01-1996– Still with Rocky Mountain. On 26-12-002 it was damaged during start up on the roof helipad of the Albany Hospital when a wind gust caused the rotor blade to strike its vertical stabiliser. From mid-April of 2005 it was based at Englewood, Colorado and then had another ID change on 31-01-2006 to N365CH, and then to N627AM on 25-04-2007 – still in Rocky Mountain ownership and still in the EMS role. The first issue of ZK-HNP was to an Ecureuil initially with Helicopter (NZ) in 1982 and then to John Funnell from 1984 until being withdrawn early last year.

Bell 206L-4 LongRanger ZK-HYR is the third helicopter to wear these markings and it was registered to Oceania on 09 June. As is clearly evident, this machine most recently worked for the police force in Japan.

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