Tuesday 30 June 2015

Ex Australian Air Force Tiger Moth for Sale at Tauranga

Back in February 2012 I posted about an ex-Australian Air Force Tiger Moth coming together at Pacific Aero Coatings at Tauranga see:  www.nzcivair.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/tiger-moths-at-pacific-aero-coatings.html.  In the post I identified the Tiger as A19-58 which drew a somewhat grumpy comment from Anonymous advising that A17-58 was VH-PCG at Byron Bay, NSW and had never been to New Zealand.  Grumpy Anonymous wanted to know where I got my information from.  I got my information from Pacific Aero Coatings but I did not take it further at the time.

However in the interests of historical exactitude I must now advise that I was in error and in fact the Tiger Moth at Tauranga is A17-59, - hey! one number off is not that wrong!.  A17-59 is shown in the photo below from Trade Me where it is currently for sale (the auction closes on 3 July at a starting bid of $140,000).

Trade Me advises the following details about the aircraft:  "1940 ex RAAF complete restoration by Ray Windred of Luskintyre NSW.  Final paint by Pacific Aero Coatings of NZ. GMH Gipsy Major zero timed engine.  New wood and fabric throughout. New Invincible prop, new tyres, new fuel tank and aux tank.  Carbon steel flying wires, brakes and tailwheel, 406 ELT, cockpit and prop covers, fire extinguisher.  On Australian export C of A,. Holds reserved NZ 'A' reg'n.  Ready for final assembly and C of A, (at buyer expense) or export".

It would be nice if it stays here.


  1. I did assist Kim in a small way to paint some components and clean up the wings and rudder and supplied all the photos of the Tiger Moth at Tauranga.

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