Wednesday 2 September 2009

Question time # 67

After telling me the tail wheel tire pressure. What can you tell me about this aircraft ?


  1. de Havilland Beaver

  2. Yep - a Beaver - on floats with with no tail wheel tyre. So 0 PSI then :-)

  3. Yep. It is certainly a beaver (which was not the question). But not on floats. It is ZK-FPZ in the rear of its hangar at Taupo.

    I like your line of thinking there Wayne.

    Any more thoughts ?

  4. As a floatplane it has spent time above, on and below the waves - the latter as a result of a storm in Picton in 1990

  5. 35PSI tailwheel pressure according to documents I have.

  6. Hi there ZK-CKE.

    I had been looking at the AAC Beaver notes and they mention only 25 psi which I though was somewhat low.
    I seem to recall that some have had solid rubber tail wheels.
    So I thought I would throw the question to the great unwashed masses.

    This raises the question that if it was a solid rubber wheel, then would the pressure be nil or 14.7 psi at the WMO standard atmospere etc !!

    And I susspect it was the colour scheme that sunk it during that Picton Harbour incident on 22-03-90 !!