Sunday 27 September 2009

Question time #71 resolved


You night owls are too good. I will have to rat around and find something harder.

It is indeed the Ferrymead Museums nose section of Lockheed L188 Electra ZK-TEA , c/n was 2005.

It arrived in Auckland on 19-11-1959 to become listed with TEAL on the 23rd as ZK-TEA. The registration ZK-BMP was initially pencilled in for this aircraft.

Being the first of five it was named "Aotearoa".

It transferred to Air New Zealand on 01-04-1966 and was cancelled from our register on 01-06-1972 to become N31231 followed by LN-FOI with Fred Olsen Air Transport. It was withdrawn and stored at Coventry in about 2000.

The nose section was acquired by Ferrymead and arrived on 22-07-06.

Well done Matt.

I will be going fishing this afternoon. So if you care to flick me your snail mail address to I will mail you one.
If per chance you are at Charlie Drapers strip today - the Blue Bus will be in attendance.

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