Sunday 27 September 2009

Hurricane Mk 11A ZK-TPK Auction - Last Chance!

Today someone kindly gave me this catalogue for the auction of military and aviation collectables to be conducted by Bonhams and Goodman in Melbourne at 6pm today (Sunday 27 September 2009).

As this is 9pm New Zealand time you all still have time to get a last minute bid in! Yeah Right! For your reference it is Lot Number 29.

(Actually it is too late for you all as I note that bids should be submitted no later than the day prior to the sale - I don't quite know how this aligns with the auction process?).


  1. Quite an amazing story. Gives credence to the saying "When it's 80% completed, there's still 80% on the work to do".

  2. Got passed well below the reserve apparently.