Monday 21 September 2009

Question time # 70

Off course we all know what this is ! ------ Don't we ?

But where was it photographed ?

What's happening ?

Can you give me a NZ civil registration to write on the back of this photograph please ?


  1. Yep :
    So far :
    So good.

    Tell me more !

  2. Looks like a dehavilland?

  3. Yes it's that aerostar that used to be there. Not sure of the rego though, be interested to know...

    Where is it now ?

  4. Yes.
    Ted Smith Aerostar it is.

    BUT - Its proposed registration would be nice to know.

    Any one care to have a guess at it ??

    Not sure where it is at this point in time.

  5. Is this not ZK-TSA, registered ages ago to Executive Air of Blenheim. It flew into NZ as VH-UYU and was at Wigram.