Monday 7 September 2009

Avro 594 Avian 111A ZK-AAN

I have a request from one of our Anonymous viewers (see below) about the above aircraft - Avro 594 Avian 111A ZK-AAN , c/n 199 .

Copy of email from Anonymous with the above picture attached :-


Firstly, I am an avid reader of your blog page, and have answered a few of your questions as "anonymous". I am sending this email on behalf of my father who is doing some research into the aircraft in the attached picture. It was operated by Gough Gough and Hammer, the NZ Caterpiller agents. We are interested in finding out some more information about it. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to post it on your blog, and see what the rest of the aviation community know about it. What type of aircraft, maybe pilots, years of operation etc. This is the only photo we have come up with ......"

end quote.


This is before my main period of interest.

I do know that the Goodwin-Chichester Aviation Co Ltd imported the aircraft and that it was registered on 23-01-1929.

It went to the Wellington Aero Club as a replacement for the Spartan ZK-ABL and was also named "The Evening Post Gift Plane".

From the club it passed to J C K Baines; to R L McGaffin and then to H W Wilson.

I believe that it also carried the name "Felix The Cat" at some point.

Its registration was cancelled on 30-05-1938.

Can anybody fill in any of the gaps and perhaps find other photos of this aircraft.

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  1. ZK-AAN
    Avro 594 Avian IIIA c/n 199
    Hermes motor. Assem Wigram, f/f Jan29.
    23/1/1929 Goodwin-Chichester Aviation Co. Ltd., Wellington
    22/10/1931 Wellington AC, Rongotai (on loan)
    11/1/1934 Robert L McGaffin 'Caterpiller' on fuselage (he was the agent at that time)
    21/1/1934 J C K Baines, Wairarapa
    28/4/1937 H M Wilson, Halcombe
    Unairworthy early 1938. Sold for £650

    Possibly one of those 1934 dates is in error.