Tuesday 29 September 2009

Question time # 72.

What aircraft type do we have here then ?
What registration does this one have ?


  1. I couldnt figure out what the structure is in the background,so I saved the pic to enlarge it for a better view--the url says ADZ-which translates to a DH60 Moth--but it also crashed a long time ago.
    certainly looks DeHavilland

  2. ZK-ABZ Simmonds Spartan 3 Seater, owned by Rob Hall - Jones

  3. Hmmm.

    ZK-CKE is the closest so far. It certainly is a Simmonds Spartan 3 Seater 11.

    The object in the background is a glider trailer.

    bobgod - double click on the image & it should enlarge.

  4. Naki - Nope.

    So that narrows the field down somewhat !