Sunday, 27 September 2009

Charlie Drapers fly in 27-09-2009.

A general view down the aircraft line at Charlie Drapper''s strip just to the north of Darfield.
This was a very low key and relaxed but well run fly in plus a gathering of vintage and classic motor vehicles.
I noted 23 aircraft on site.
Above is the Richard Royds Auster Mk5 ZK-ARR , c/n 1364 . After RAF service this Auster went to Singapore followed by a lengthy period in Australia. It arrived in NZ in about August of 1997.
Another ex RAF aircraft is the De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-BCO , c/n 83420 imported into NZ in 1953. Currently owned by the BCO Syndicate and based at Swannanoa on the Des Lines strip.
Piper PA-18-150 ZK-BNX , c/n 18-5453 flown in by Pat Scotter and Ron Smith from Rangiora.
The host's aircraft is this Beagle Auster A109 Airdale ZK-CCW , c/n B528 , which was assembled in the Wellington Aero Clubs hangar by Ivan East & crew in late 1962. Charlie acquired this aircraft mid 2000 and has based it on his farm since then.
All part of the fun. Des Lines topping up before heading off in Tiger ZK-BCO.
The G & N Partnership Cessna 172M Skyhawk ZK-DHQ , c/n 61103 , from up the Rakaia Gorge. [G = Gerald & N = Noel].
Cessna A185F Skywagon ZK-DPF , c/n 02421 , which has been with the Fechney family since new in late 1974.
Jodel D.11 ZK-EDG , c/n AACA/17/2. Built by Jack Inder mid 1970's and currently listed to Tony Den Haan.
Cameron V65 Viva balloon ZK-FBO , c/n 1854 , set off about mid afternoon.
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C ZK-FSP , c/n 28-2818 flown in by Pam Collings from Forest Field.
Robinson R44 Raven 11 ZK-HTZ2 , c/n 10083 of Darfield Helicopters (Peter Morrison) during one of its comings and goings.
Above Alastair Millar's Zenair CH701 Stol ZK-KJR , c/n 7-3854 , in its recent non white paint scheme.
Another Zenair CH701 Stol was Stew Bufton's ZK-LSB , c/n 6089.
Cessna R172K Hawk XP ZK-MAV , c/n 2153 , being pushed aloft by the 25m wing span Schleicher ASH-25 ZK-GTF , c/n 25104 , driven by Mike Oakley. Mike arrived from Hororata, did two low flypasts and landed at the narrow northern end of the strip - greatly impressing the cloud near the fenceline. After release from this tow he put on a short aerobatic display (limited by the cloud base) demonstrating the wing flex on these ASH25's..
A better view of the tow plane Cessna R172K Hawk XP ZK-MAV. Interesting history for this aircraft. Currently listed to the Stella Syndicate it has been a work of love by Mike Chilton.
Gordon Whale arrived in his Cessna 172P ZK-SGW , c/n 74407. A reasonably recent import, reaching the register on 30-07-08. A rare sighting for me.
Harvard 7660 came in for a while. Officially known as ZK-XSA [ex South Africa]. This North American Harvard 3* has the c/n of 78-6647 and was imported by Graham Orphan & John Kelly in 1996. It moved to the Harvard 7660 Syndicate on 16-02-2000.
A late arrival was the Yak 55M ZK-YKV , c/n 920402.

A great laid back day which Charlie will almost certainly repeat.

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