Tuesday 31 January 2023

Grumman Widgeon ZK-CFA flashback

 From John Poletti I have received this lovely family photograph taken on Stewart Island.

John writes -
Great to see ZK-CFA looking so good in your recent blog post (link below). 
You may be interested in the attached image of CFA, with the Ranger engines, taken on Stewart Island around 1966. In the photo are my parents, younger siblings and the pilot, Johnny Hasset. 
The location I think was Mason Bay.
Cheers, John Poletti

To save me re-gurgitating the history of ZK-CFA :-

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And when you get a couple of minutes to spare have a read of the following link which covers all of the NZ Grumman Boats. :-

Note : there are several more interesting links within this post.

There are also several photos of ZK-CFA available with a GOOGLE search.

Photo above from George Phillips taken in the 70's.

ZK-CFA at Te Anau 1963 or 1964 from Tom Smellie.

Final pic at Oriental Bay, Wellington August 1963.

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  1. Maurice Poletti supplied the wonderful above family photo to Richard Waugh and me which we published in 2003 in the book "Taking Off - Pioneering small airlines of New Zealand 1945 - 1970". The book caption states "Maurice and Margaret Poletti and family on an outing in Widgeon ZK-CFA flown by Johnny Hassett (right), at Masons Bay, Stewart Island in 1963".

    I mis-spelt Mason Bay and Hassett has does have two Ts. John, are you able to confirm the correct year (1963 or 1966?) and could you name your siblings in order across your caption? Thanks.