Saturday 28 January 2023

CMM hits Gore on the 27th

 CMM dropped into Gore on the 27th and scored the following :-
The Fletcher FU24-950 c/n 157 was a kit set with Aerosmith modifications and was completed as a utility model with the large side door by Pays Air Service (Pty) Ltd of Scone, NSW and registered as VH-EDP on 09-09-1971. It was converted to ag duties in 1972.
In December of 2011 it was freighted to Hamilton and converted to Walter power and then went to Masterton for conversion to a parachute dropper.
It was registered as ZK-NZS2 on 19-02-2004 to Skydive Tandem Ltd of Christchurch and initially operated out of Wigram. Remaining with the Skydive group its registration was changed to ZK-PDZ3 on 02-12-2011 and then to ZK-LAC2 on 07-11-2017.
Following a period of inactivity it was trucked from Wanaka to Twizel to Skywagonz Ltd for some TLC.

The Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-PNX3 c/n 131 began life as ZK-JNH2 in May of 2007 and was ferried to South Africa to become ZS-AIL toward the end of June 2007, followed by a stint in Botswana as A2-POM from 2012.
It popped up back in NZ as ZK-ASA2 on 16-08-2017 with Kiwi Air Ltd at Gisborne until transferred to Phoenix Aviation Ltd at Gore from 25-06-2018 - with a change of registration to ZK-PNX3 on 24-08-2018.
From 03-06-2021 it has been listed with Super Air Ltd but as can be seen it still proudly wears Phoenix titles.

The NZAI FU24 Cresco 08-0600 ZK-LTQ c/n 002 first flew on 09-06-1980 with a Lycoming LTP 101 engine.  During a major rework in 1996 by PAC it was re-engined with a P&W PT-6A engine and had dual main wheels fitted.
After a period in Malaysia from 1999 as 9M-LTQ it went onto the Australian register as VH-LTQ for about two months in mid-2005.
It was back with Super Air Ltd as ZK-LTQ from 20-07-2005.

Another interesting shot shows the Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600 ZK-PWT c/n 010 Farmers Air Ltd of Gisborne.
This was originally ZK-TMN with the Taumarunui Aerial Co-Operative Society from 06-11-1992 with a change to Kairanga Aviation Ltd/Griffin Ag Air from 27-08-1998 with a change of registration to ZK-PWT (Pratt & Whitney Turbine) from 01-07-1999.
Aerospread Ltd of Napier took it on from 02-02-2018 and then Farmers Air Ltd from 31-03-2022.

Trevor Dickson's Cessna 172N ZK-SLT c/n 67656 is a 1977 model that served time in Australia as VH-IXK until ferrying to NZ in formation with VH-IGF (later ZK-MRR) in mid-March of 1995.

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