Monday 23 January 2023

Back Home at Kaipara Flats on 21-1-2023

As I arrived back at NZKF from the GMC BBQ I noticed that there were a couple of venerable Cessnas parked out, one of which wasn't there when I had left in the morning:

Cessna 172C ZK-CCF has a new colour scheme but it was covered up with a very professional looking cover.  I don't know how much it gets around but it is owned since 3/11/20 by WJ Gaddum at the very remote area of Matawai which is between Whakatane and Gisborne.  You can see the history of ZK-CCF dating from August 1962 HERE

And the other stranger was the ex Mountain Air Cessna 206 ZK-DOV which has been around since August 1973.  It has been owned by the DOV Partnership at Taupo since 31/3/21.


  1. Thanks Packapoo. My typo mistake Fixed now

  2. I keep CCF at Gisborne, she is in beautiful condition a real credit to all those previous owners.I bought her from Tom Williams at Greymouth.

  3. Thanks for your comments Anonymous. Can you send a photo of your 172 without the cover?