Wednesday 18 January 2023

Another Miles Messenger

I have recently been enjoying watching Miles Messenger ZK-CMM2 visiting Kaipara Flats airfield.  Part of the reason for these visits has been to provide Bruce Lynch with some training ahead of his own Messenger taking to the air.

Bruce has been working away on his Messenger at North Shore for a long time (see HERE for a post from 2017 with its history) but I know it is really getting close to flying with engine runs having been carried out.  North Shore Aero Club held an open hangar day last Sunday and Mark Pattenden was there to capture the "new" Messenger:

ZK-AKE2 (c/n 6707) has not been registered yet but it will surely be on the register soon.  Lovely work Bruce!

And thanks for the photo Mark.

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  1. Saw this aircraft many years ago in UK when it was G-AKEZ and was it Torbay Aircraft Museum, Torquay