Wednesday 18 January 2023

Pilatus PC-24 ZK-JFL

 The first Pilatus PC-24 on the New Zealand was registered as ZK-JFL2 on 29-11-2022 to Distinction Hotels New Zealand Ltd of Invercargill. 
This replacing their Pilatus PC-12/47E ZK-TFL which they had operated since October of 2017.

C/n 119 was rolled out as HB-VST in November of 2018.
 Photo below shows it in Swiss temporary registration marks.

Quickly flown out to Australia it became VH-FGM2 on 03-12-2018 to Dalydine Pty Ltd of Western Australia to be operated by Pilatus Australia Pty Ltd and arriving at their Adelaide base in South Australia on 14-12-2028.

It visited Auckland from Adelaide and Sydney for the first time on 25-04-2019 and visited Kerikeri, back to Auckland then on to Wellington. Woodbourne got a visit on the 27th before it returned to Auckland for the night. It departed back to Sydney, Albury and Adelaide on the 28th.

Below. Captured at Auckland by MRC Aviation on 25-04-2019
I next noted it operating out of Invercargill from about 12-12-2021 with it remaining on its Australian certification for nearly a year before its "first of type" papers were sorted.

Below at Christchurch on 03-04-2022 still in its VH markings.
It became ZK-JFL2 on 29-11-2022.

Photos below taken today (17-01-2023) at Christchurch International Airport.

It is fitted out as a six-seat executive with separate cockpit.

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