Tuesday 3 January 2023

Cessna TU206F at Tauranga Today 3-1-2023

Hot off the press Mark Pattenden photo'd the newly registered Turbo Stationair ZK-MLP of Merlin Labs at Tauranga today.  This aircraft was previously ZK-OAY with several South Island owners having been first registered here in March 1999 from South Africa where it had been ZS-OAY.

ZK-MLP (c/n U20602397) was registered as such to Merlin Labs NZ Ltd of Paraparaumu on 14/11/22.  Interestingly David Wise has it as a Cessna TU206FD and I wonder if the D is for drone?  A later comment suggests that the C 206 will be used for staff transport.

The Merlin Labs work is an example of the new technology that is coming and that I referred to in my recent post on Mosquito helicopter drones (also at Tauranga).

Thanks for the photo Mark.


  1. I was told that it is to replace their Cessna 172S ZK-CTY/3 for staff transfers between Paaraparaumu and Kerikeri

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have altered the post a bit to reflect that.

  3. Yes from what I've been told this is suppose to eventually replace ZK-CTY and be used as a shuttle to and from Kerikeri as the staff live in Kapiti and the Cessna 208 ZK-MLN now lives at Kerikeri.