Saturday 28 January 2023

Balclutha on 26-01-2023

CMM hit Balclutha airfield on Thursday the 26th and found these two Otago Airspread Ltd's agricultural aircraft on site.
Fletcher FU24-950M ZK-CZA c/n 151 started as a FU24 MkII in October 1969 being upgraded to FU24-950M status in 1976. It joined Otago Airspread Ltd in April of 2018.

This Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600 c/n 038 was test flown as ZK-JOQ in mid-2003 and ferried to Australia to become VH-WKD2 (WiKeD) from 29-07-2003 and used in the parachute dropping role.
It was ferried back to Napier in November 2018 for conversion to the agricultural role and became ZK-OAN with Des Neill of Mosgiel from 21-11-2018 and was transferred to the Otago Airspread name that December.

A special thank you to James and Morgan for the friendly welcome and chat.


  1. how come the photos from gore where taken down

  2. Sorry - but for reasons unknow it had gone back to 'draft' mode. Fixed now.