Sunday 29 January 2023

Homebuilt and Sport Helicopters of New Zealand - Dynali H3 EasyFlyer

Continuing on with our series on homebuilt and sport helicopters of New Zealand, we come to the latest type to be registered here to date, the Dynali H3 EasyFlyer, one of which was registered here in May 2018.

The Dynali EasyFlyer (now known as the Sport) is built in Belgium and is available as a kitset or as a fully built up helicopter.  It has a two seat side by side layout with a bubble canopy that tilts forward for access and its main structure is of welded stainless steel tube.  It can be powered by Rotax 912 or 914 engines with the 914 providing a higher MAUW.  Its specifications are:  rotor diameter 7.14 metres (23 feet 5 inches), empty weight around 285 Kg (628 pounds) and with the Rotax 914 the MAUW in New Zealand is 598 Kg (1,318 pounds).  The cruise speed is around 70 knots.

We have so far had only one Dynali EasyFlyer registered here:

ZK-HHQ3 (c/n H3-61-1740) was registered to Karaka Helicopters Ltd of Papakura on 28/5/18.  It is photo'd above at Ardmore on 17/7/18 and it can be seen from the head colour that it is fitted with a Rotax 914.

Thanks for the photo Wayne.

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