Monday 2 January 2023

First in the World Flyin at Wanganui 1-1-2023

The First in the World flyin for 2023 was held in good weather at Wanganui yesterday, and 34 aircraft attended.  A couple with new owners were as follows, and Jordan Elvy and Simon Hills were there:

The ex Evan Gardner Dyn Aero MCR 01 ULC ZK-TFB was purchased by the Manawatu Aviation Club of Feilding on 4/8/21 and after some maintenance work they are now flying it.  I daresay it is quite different to fly than their other microlight aircraft.

Sting S4 ZK-SAL5 was registered to Colin Alexander at Tauranga on 31/10/22 and he has added a canopy shade in the same manner as he previously applied to his Tomark Viper ZK-SWV.


  1. It's the Manawatu Aviation Club that operates TFB, this replaced the Tecnam P2002S PAJ.

  2. Thanks for that. I will change it