Saturday 7 January 2023

4 Million Views - Actually Make That 6 and a Quarter Million Views!

Recently the blog counter at the top of the blog registered 4 million views.  I am not sure if everyone sees the same information as the counter shows on one of my computers but not on the other.  Such is technology!  But I can also go into the Statistics behind the blog and this shows the all time views as 6, 260,275 as of today.  No matter what the number is it is a lot of views so thanks to all our blog readers and contributors.  We shall keep on building what is becoming a good reference on New Zealand civil aviation.

So to mark this auspicious occasion I thought I would post some of the blog header photos from the last million blog counter views.  Thanks to the photographers for the great photos.  You can click on them to enlarge them if you want.  Enjoy!

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