Thursday 22 June 2017

Cessna 172C ZK-CCF

I am sorry to have to tell you - but I like the earlier Cessna 172's.
The ones with the real engines - Continental O-300 poking out 145hp on a good day.
Also with the 'Johnson Bar' flaps arrangement.
This post is about the Cessna 172C Skyhawk ZK-CCF (c/n 49536) which had been allocated the US registration of N2036Y by Cessna Aircraft Company.
A useless piece of info for you - which I've probably mentioned previously - is that in the Cessna's of this period the last two numbers of the c/n were usually the last two numbers of its US registration.
Anyway - It came to NZ thanks to Rural Aviation Ltd of New Plymouth for registration as ZK-CCF on 20-08-1962 before ferry up to the Auckland Aero Club at Ardmore.
Below we see it at Paraparaumu on 17-01-1971
It passed on to F E Pike of Auckland from 23-04-1971, and it was noted below at Dairy Flat on 15-10-1972.
Below we have it in colour at Dairy Flat on 11-06-1973.
Frank sold it on to W K Allen of Tuatapere from 22-01-1976
(after which Frank operated the Cessna 172L ZK-DFX, the 180A ZK-BVG, the 150H ZK-CTD, the unusual Yeoman-Hanes Cropmaster ZK-CDI and from January 1997 the Hughes 269A ZK-HAP2. Still got it I think.
W K Allen also operated a varied collection of aircraft over the years.
R G Horrell of Te Tua, Riverton, was listed from 13-03-1979 and it got a new coat of paint not long afterwards - as seen below at Momona on 19-03-1980 -
                     before ownership passed to Dalhoff and King Ltd on 30-04-1980.
                       They sold it on to Hugh Gilbertson of Gore from 14-09-1981.
                          Hugh purchased the Mooney ZK-CKF in July 1982 and sold ZK-CCF 
                                             to L S Stretter of Christchurch as from 04-10-1982.
Somewhere about this time (late 80's - early 90's) it was converted to Lycoming power - as can be    seen by the single exhaust stack on starboard side, the two air intakes in the cowling either side of the spinner shape. 
It was relisted on 24-01-1991 to Stockbuilt Manufacturing Co Ltd of Christchurch and is seen below (from both sides) near the CAA hangar on 15-01-1991.

It moved up to Napier with John Finlay Motors Ltd from late January of 1995 and then on to C R Bowden of Mangonui from February 1996 and then quickly moved to Quantum learning NZ Ltd of Kerikeri from 23-04-1996. Then followed a transfer over to the Bay of Islands Aero Club at Kerikeri on 24-05-2005.
Next listed owner was Errin Hallen of Whangamata from 27-12-2007.
Below we see it at Thames on 08-02-2008 still carrying 'Quantum College of Aviation' signage on its fuselage.
Then - below - as seen at Thames on 15-03-2009 without the signage.
And at Whitianga on 28-01-2012.
Jack Mounsey of Picton took it over from 13-04-2016 and we see it below at Tauranga on 07-06-2017 in a new paint scheme.

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  1. From memory it lasted a lot longer and has had a much more illustrious career than its predecessor CCE.