Saturday 24 June 2017

Fiji PAC 750s

Nadi based charter company Island Hoppers now operates 3 PAC 750s on inter island charter work, the latest addition being DQ-FFF,  believed previously ZK-JIM.  This joins the earlier two, DQ-KBD and DQ-KBP,  these being rather dwarfed by the Air NZ 777-300 in the last photo..


  1. DQ-FFF has para door & no pannier. It is with Island Hoppers associate company Free Fall Fiji (hence FFF reg), who had previously used it as ZK-JIM since 2013. Re-reg 9/5/17.

  2. Great photos of a great day flying. There was also a forth P750 DQ-JJM. After being idle for a while in FIji, it was disassembled and put in a shipping container then sent somewhere in the USA.