Friday 30 June 2017

NZ's newest Hughes 369D takes flight

Registered to TT Helicopters Ltd of Grey Lynn, Auckland back on 06 April 2017,  Hughes 369D ZK-HMT3 MSN 390480D was imported to NZ via Oceania Aviation, Ardmore. It appears the helicopter may have in the last few days conducted its first flight from NZ soil bringing the D model population to 31 units (including 1 Kawasaki model).

From Bluebus we learn the following:

Airframe number 480 off the Hughes 369D production line went to Robert Fuchs, the Swiss Hughes helicopter dealer as HB-IXR for onward sale and delivery to Italy as I-DEBO in November 1979 to the NASA Corporation. Its italian registration was cancelled 24 years later after sale to Sweden. Along the way it was registered G-CIBK to Giuseppe De Vecchi of Milan, Italy on 26 November 2013 and then to Arain Rubensteim of Stockholm, Sweden two days later! The short term UK registration was cancelled 05 December 2013 for it to become SE-JPM with Heliair Sweden AB from 11 December 2013. It was purchased by and subsequently listed to Vertol Systems Co of Tigard, Oregon as N41VS on 10 January 2017 for onward sale to Oceania Aviation of Ardmore before becoming ZK-HMT but it appears it never wore the N marks. 
The earlier ZK-HMT's were a Hughes 369HS which went on to become ZK-HCT5, followed by a Robinson R22 Beta that started as ZK-HXC2 then went on to become ZK-IGG followed by ZK-IMG2!

ZK-HMT soon after landing back at Oceania 28 June following a brief local flight. 

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  1. Looks like its been around the track a few times. As used condition judging by the panel work:-(