Tuesday 20 June 2017

ZK-NCD back in the air

Flying today from Tauranga - I believe for the first time since 2005 - was the Rutan VariEze ZK-NCD (c/n AACA/439)
 Above is a screenshot from a video 
Above is an RNZAF Texan  II NZ1403 which had just completed a couple of circuits and stopped for lunch.
In the rear is ZK-NCD taxiing back after its flight.
This VariEze was built by Charlie Down of Gisborne and registered using his initials to become ZK-NCD on 27-10-1988. Charlie was an ex Ag pilot with Aerial Farming, Aerial Projects and Fieldair before retiring in about 1977.
It was sold to Alan Monnox of Lyttelton and was based at Christchurch International untl sold to Tacan NZ Ltd of Mount Maunganui from 14-12-2015.

Below is a shot of ZK-NCD taken at Christchurch on 07-11-2007.

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