Tuesday 6 June 2017

Queens Birthday at Greymouth

Another fabulous winters day on 'The Coast' - the best time to visit.
A Queen's Birthday stop to Greymouth Airport found the following.
The Greymouth Aero Club (Inc)'s Cessna 172M ZK-FMP (c/n 17265909) chugs off into the 'Barber' wind.
This airframe has been mentioned several time previously, See Here.
Nick and Sabrina took their Piper PA-28-140 ZK-DGI (c/n 28-7225402) for an outing.
The very tidy looking, privately owned, Anderson EA-1 Kingfisher ZK-DJH is c/n AACA/165/1. 
It carries the name 'Puddles' behind the cockpit.
It has been mentioned previously Here.
The Cessna A150 Aerobat ZK-DXE (c/n A1500635) has been with Markland Engineering and Contracting Ltd since early 2008.
See an earlier plug Here.
A long time resident is the local rescue helicopter Aerospatiale AS 3350 BA ZK-HGH (c/n1443) which has been with Garden City Helicopters Ltd since being imported in 1989.
More on ZK-HGH HERE.

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