Monday 12 October 2020

Vans RV 7 ZK-RVS/3 at Mercer

The New Zealand Aerobatic Club held their re-scheduled North Island Akro Fest at Mercer over the weekend of 10/11 October.  Mark Pattenden was there and this photo of his caught my eye - thanks for the use of the photo Mark.

ZK-RVS3 (c/n 71371) was imported from Australia in mid 2020 where it was registered VH-BZV,  After some work at Aero Pacific at Ardmore it was registered to Peter Whyte of Auckland on 17/9/20.

This is the third use of the registration ZK-RVS, and all have been Vans Aircraft models:

The first was Gary Spicer's RV 4 which was damaged in and accident and cancelled.

Which freed up the registration for Malcolm Belcher's RV 12, which was re-registered as ZK-OAC3 thus freeing up the registration for Peter Whyte's RV 7.

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