Sunday 25 October 2020

Another Aircraft a Long Way from Home - Supervan ZK-ROK/4


The ex Skydive Wanaka Ltd Texas Turbine Supervan conversion of a C 208B ZK-ROK4 was picketed /out at North Shore airfield last Friday 23/10/20.  Its ownership changed to Skydive Queenstown Ltd on 6/7/20.  I guess the skydive industry is doing it hard with Covid.


  1. Interesting to note...Skydive Wanaka and Skydive Queenstown (NZONE) are both owned by Skydive Australia. There are a couple of other skydive companies in NZ that are owned by the same group.
    As to why its currently in North Shore - anyone's guess?

  2. Think its going to be doing some up in that part of the country. Military perhaps