Monday 26 October 2020

Miller M1 Superchamp ZK-MMJ at Feilding 25-10-2020

It is always interesting when a new own design homebuilt aircraft is registered and you don't know what it looks like or anything about it.  This was the case when Mark Miller of Pohangina registered his Miller M1 Superchamp ZK-MMJ (c/n 001) on 12/10/20.  However it didn't take long to find out as Tim Gorman came across it carrying out test flights at Feilding aerodrome yesterday: 

Mark Miller advises that his 3 seater aircraft is a 13 year build and the fuselage is based on the Aeronca 7EC but with many modifications including a heavy duty landing gear, belly pod and a redesigned vertical stabiliser. The wing is 37 feet span with aluminium spars and carbon fibre tips, and the airframe is traditional ceconite covered and doped. 

Power is from an O-320 Lycoming engine which produces 160 HP.

Tim Gorman also has a You Tube channel and has uploaded a video of ZK-MMJ taking off from Feilding showing spritely performance with one up.  The link is:

Thanks very much for the photos Tim!

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