Wednesday 21 October 2020

Todays pick from NZRT and NZCH.

  Out at Rangiora the Auster J1 Autocrat ZK-ASL c/n 2150 was receiving some attention to its bungee cords. This is currently the oldest aircraft in Lionel Green's collection - but not for much longer !

See my earlier post on this Auster at

The Pipistrel Alpha Electro ZK-EAL4 (c/n 942 AE 60) of Electric Airplane Ltd was having a recharge while the Wednesday pie was being consumed in the Clubhouse.
Meanwhile, below, back at Christchurch International, we see the two B2 Squirrels ZK-HNC3  (c/n 1322) and ZK- HND3 (c/n 2073) plus the Hughes 369E ZK-HSC3 (c/n 0409E) at Christchurch Helicopters.

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