Tuesday 13 November 2018


The Alpine Group Ltd of Wanaka shipped into Ports of Auckland two Hughes 369E’s which once off ship were flown to Mechanics bay on 30-09-2018 before being ferried down to Heli Maintenance at Christchurch for their NZ certification.
ZK-HMW3 started its career in Japan as JA6042 with Ace Helicopters at Kawagoe from 26-11-1990 with a move to Nakanihon Air Services on Okinawa from late December of 2002.
Above is JA6042 with side mounted containers with dispensing chutes beneath.
 It was damaged on 18-05-2003 and following a rebuild became VH-SUV2 in Australia with Aeropower Holdings Pty Ltd of Redcliffe Queensland from 20-12-2004. 
It was entered onto the ZK register on 03-10-2018 with the ZK-HMW letters – with the ‘MW’ letters in honour and memory of Matthew Wallis, (the eldest son of Sir Tim Wallis) who was tragically killed on 21-07-2018. 
Below we see ZK-HMW3 at Heli Maintenance Ltd in Christchurch on 18-10-2018 undergoing its NZ certification.
In the background is its companion marked as ZK-HOT which was re-registered as ZK-HNW on 24-10-2018.

Above - ZK-HMW3 Captured yesterday afternoon departing from the Heli Maintenance facility.


  1. Might be wise to change the spelling of NZ’s greatest helicopter family’s name in the short story above!!

  2. Woops !
    My humble apologies.
    Change made thanks.