Tuesday 13 November 2018

Vans RV 14 VH/ZK-VNX - First of Type in NZ

Vans RV 14 VH-VNX flew across the Tasman last week, arriving at Ardmore on 8/11/18.

The RV 14/14A is the latest aircraft from Vans Aircraft and it is a big brother to the RV 7/7A family (which in turn was slightly bigger than the RV6/6A family) and this aircraft is the first of type in New Zealand.  The wingspan of the RV 14 is 27 feet (against 25 feet for the RV 7/7A and 23 feet for the RV 6/6A) while the wing area is bigger at 126 square feet.  The length of the RV 14 is 21 feet 1 inch (against 20 feet 4 inches for the RV 7/7A and 20 feet 2 inches for the RV 6/6A).  Empty weight is also up, at around 1.225 pounds and MAUW is 2,050 pounds.  The engine is a 210 HP Lycoming IO 390 which gives a similar performance to the 180 HP RV 7, with all of the RV 14/7/6 families cruising around the 200 mph mark.

The RV 14 only comes with the forward hinging canopy, which is bubbled a bit, similar to the RV 12.

The aircraft was registered ZK-VNX (c/n 140331) today, on 13/11/18, to the RV 14 Syndicate of Auckland.  It is a very new aircraft having test flown in Australia in August 2018.

Thanks to MRC for the above photo, which was taken at Ardmore on 8/11/18.

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