Friday 16 November 2018

TVAL Built Abatros D Va-1 G-WAHT

 Back in January 2018 I posted about The Vintage Aviator's latest Albatros D Va-1 aircraft to be registered here as ZK-ALB2 (c/n 147).  This was the sixth Albatros D Va-1 built by TVAL and you can refer to that post HERE

ZK-ALB2 was cancelled from the New Zealand register on 29/6/18 and was shipped to England for Oliver Wulff, as a replacement for the earlier Albatros ZK-TGY that had been damaged in a forced landing accident in September 2016 and which has been returned to New Zealand where it is still registered to TVAL.

The aircraft arrived in England in August 2018 and was registered as G-WAHT on 29/8/18.  As can be seen in the above photo it has been repainted and represents the aircraft of Otto Kissenberth of Jasta 16b, from 1917, serial number 2263, with a huge edelwiess flower on the side of the fuselage, (thereby out-edelwiessing ZK-TGY).

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