Thursday 22 November 2018

A couple of updates for Otago Airspread

 ZK-CZA, a Fletcher FU-24-950 (c/n 151) in Otago Airspread's main Dunedin hangar. This aircraft seems to spend a lot of time in Dunedin compared to others.
Another FU-24-950 ZK-EMQ (c/n 269) is in a private hangar at Taieri airfield, but has a broken engine and new ones are too expensive to be economical currently. It's still on the register, so it may be restored in the future when new aircraft are harder to get. 

I also know there's yet another new Cresco for them, ZK-OAN coming soon, ex VH-WKD


  1. ZK-OAN

  2. Zk emq was based in westport for many years flown by the late darryl Williams