Friday 30 November 2018

Cessna 205A ZK-COY

The Cessna 205 was introduced in late 1962 - being basically a fixed gear version of the Cessna 210 and using the same 260hp Continental IO-470 engine. It also had the extra port side door.
Only 577 were produced before the model 206 came on stream with its 285hp IO-540 engine.
You will find these days that they are registered as Cessna 210-5's (Cessna 210 minus 5 = 205) but have c/ns in the Cessna 205 range.
By my count we have had five of these 205's in country starting with ZK-CEZ and ZK-CFF with the Wellington Aero Club in 1963 and 1964. 
Then came ZK-DJB in 1972 and ZK-KMF in 1994.
ZK-COY2 is the latest to have arrived.
This is a Cessna 210-5A with the c/n of 205-0570 making it one of the last built.
Laid down as N4870U it was forwarded on to Australia where it almost became VH-DFT but ended up as VH-COY from 06-11-1964 for John Cox (who already had VH-COX) and who operated as Wyndham Air Charters in the Kimberley region of West Australia.
Photo below from Geoff Goodall shows it at Jandakot on 01-01-1969
By February of 1998 it was with Air Fraser Island.
It ferried from Lord Howe island into Auckland and then down to Haupiri on 06-11-2003 and became ZK-COY2 on 21-11-2003 with Air West Coast Ltd until being re-listed to The Christian Church Community on 23-08-2018.
These two photos of ZK-COY were shot at Karamea on Tuesday the 27th by Mit Brereton.


  1. A rare beast indeed. I have colour images of ZK-CEZ and ZK-CFF when they were with WAC. If I'm correct both were exported to Australia

  2. Hello Anonymous.
    Yes. CEZ became VH-CEZ followed by VH-CBZ and was cancelled on 02-10-1985 following damage.
    CFF became VH-CRS and is still current out of Dalby.
    Any change of getting a copy of those pics please ?
    Do you recall the early starting fires ?

  3. This aircraft was owned by Dave & Adrian Little of Little Brothers Engineering, Mt Isa in the 1970s