Thursday 15 November 2018

NZ Warbirds Armistice Centenary Open Day at Ardmore

The NZ Warbirds Open Day at Ardmore on Sunday is shaping up to be a must-attend event for aircraft enthusiasts - with the first public showing of the Airacobra from Pioneer Aero, the Mosquito from Avspecs and the Bristol Scout to add to the Warbirds growing WW 1 aircraft fleet.  That is a truly unique line-up of "new" aircraft.  Add to that the Avenger from Ohakea and the Strikemaster from Wellington and it is looking good!


  1. I meant to post the the NZ Warbirds would have their Bristol Scout at Ardmore for the open day, and I have changed it now. Thanks Zac. The NZ Warbirds will be getting a Bristol Fighter replica in the future.

  2. Strike master from ChCh also slated for a first time visit to Ardmore